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"Anastasia" -

The Clairvoyant Oracle

I was born gifted with the ability to connect to the metaphysical realm and have been a practitioner for over 20 years.


Presently I am working on my first book that is an expression of my life’s experiences that have empowered me in owning my own decisions, making my choices and finding my voice in all dimensions.


On a daily basis, I serve as a  certified life and intuitive coach, energy healer, and counselor, providing various alternative healing modalities and practices which I took on to heal myself when I learned I had cancer at the age of 33.  Self-healing has been an ongoing process for me. As a Pharmacy Technician, I am a strong believer in balancing modern, western medicine with eastern traditional healing methods to obtain good health.


I use my in-depth developmental process of my spiritual gifts in providing clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathic services to my clients. I also facilitate alternative healing modalities to depict the journey of life and help my clients understand where they have come from, where they are now and where they are heading. The findings assist my clients help make decisions by allowing them to take a look at the outcomes of different choices available to them. 

I serve my business clients through consultations and workshops as an intuitive business analysis internationally in person and virtually on various mastery and personal/business development achievements covering basics such as business acumen, emotional intelligence, character and design thinking.

As a Counsellor, Educator, Advocate and Trainer  I have overseen investigations in the areas of anti-racism, human rights, and sexual violence in accordance with human rights policy, I have played a central role in awareness-raising and educational initiatives with respect to sexual violence, in addition to providing education and training to communities—on topics that range from ‘how to support individuals affected by sexual violence’ to ‘building a culture of consent’— I ensured sexual violence services were confidential, non-judgmental, and delivered by trauma-informed staff committed to the provision of excellence in client service.




I’ve been fortunate enough to work in Russia, Iceland, Ukraine, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, USA,  East Africa and many more. My experiences and training has encompassed studies in shamanism and healing across the world touching cities and communities. These studies have taken me to various sites in Europe, Asia and Africa including the Gaza Pyramids, the glaciers of Iceland and other exciting places.  


I have acquired extensive knowledge and training as a Colour and Sound Healer, Transformational Healer, Reiki Master, ThetaHealing®, Harmonizing All Body Systems and understanding the Subtle Body, Spirit Healing, Healing Touch, Stillness Within, Opening to Channel, Past Life Regression, Ancient Mysteries, Ascension Teachings and many more. My background in corporate social responsibility, gender equality, democracy and international development keeps me grounded in what “real life” is like.  In humbleness and gratitude of all those who have been key players on my path and journey, for all that is, I sit in gratitude in this moment. Thank you!

As a client you will find yourself when you call, in a private and peaceful ambience which will help you feel at ease, and your confidentiality is respected.

I worked with Fatima (Anastasia) at the Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) where she was a volunteer. In her role, she provided crisis counselling and support to  survivors of sexual abuse, as well as, she advocated for change in the community  by providing public presentations on sexual violence and the need for change in attitude and response.  Talk about reliable and dependable! There were times when Fatima (Anastasia) would be at the hospital supporting  survivor/s and family/ies for hours until morning, and then she would go to her regular job. Her belief was..."I will and I can" Miss her here in Calgary.   

                                                                                     Marva J Ferguson, Assistant Professor-Mount Royal University

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